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      Training center

      In Donglai facilities completed and well equipped training centers, our professional and attentive trainers deliver a comprehensive range of courses and training programs.

      Different levels of training programs are available for color matching, application and workshop management etc.

      No matter starters, experienced painters or workshop managers, Donglai courses will be always suitable for you.

      Donglai bulid training centers in different region. In China, our training center is located in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing and Xi'an.



      3 key training programs

      3 training programs (color application, color matching and workshop management ) to meet the paint shops’ requirement.


      Following the trend, We train the painters to have good color match skills.

      Improve the painters comprehensive application capacity


      Basic training modules

      The training program can be customized with the following modules in order to

       meet the paint shop staff’s individual training and knowledge levels.

      1.Paint and color theory basics course
       - For 4S shop paint staff
       - Course duration: 1 day
       - Participants will learn to understand the basic knowledge of paint products and basic skills.

      2.Paint products knowledge
       - For 4S shop paint staff
       - Course duration: 1 day
       - Participants will learn to understandthe feature, category, utilization scope of the car refinishing products.

      3.Paint process and FAQ
       - For 4S shop paint staff
       - Course duration: 3 days

       - Participants will learn to study the paint working process, how to prevent the spraying defects and problems.

      4.   Spraying equipment and maintenance
       - For 4S paint shop staff

       - Course duration: 2 days

       - Participants will learn how to use the spraying equipment, including the sanding system, infrared drying, spray gun and others.

      5.   HSE courses
       - For 4S shop paint staff
       - Course duration: 1 day
       - Participants will learn to understand the importance of health and safety protection in the paint shop, and how to do the personal care.

      6.   Paint shop management
       - For 4S shop service manager, general manager
       - Course duration: 3 days
       - Participants will learn how to effectively manage and improve efficiency, whist ensuring the quality and reducing the cost, and establish a reasonable management model and labor allocation. 




      Added-value training

      1.Color theory

       - Connection of color and automobile.
       - Three key elements of color.
       - Threeattributes of color.
       - Color matching.

       - How to present the color.

      2.  Color matching

       - Global autocolor trends.
       - Definition, purpose and basic knowledge of color matching.
       - Color matching equipment and tools.
       - Color Matching procedure.


       - Chroma, lightness and saturation of color.
       - How to fine-tune the metallic paint.
       - The characteristics of silver toner.
       - The procedure and problems during fine-tuning.
       - Fixed color products.

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