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    2. SERVICE

      AIS - Application Improvement System

      QCDS management system: Based on the principle of Quality, Cost, Delivery and Safety, Target to establish the efficient and safe bodyshop in terms of personnel, machinery, material, method, and link.


      QCDS : Q=Quality  C=Cost  D=Delivery  S=Safety


      Advantage of QCDS management system: Production safety, productivity improvement, Short production cycles, Quality guarantee, Process control, Employee motivation and training, Facility reliability. 

      TypeAISTypical wayComparison
      Sanding equipmentClean   dry   sandingWet   sandingEfficiency   up   50%, prevent a series of problem and   defects caused by wet sanding.
      Spraying equipmentPrimer spraying and sandingPaint   baking   room and public workshopReduce   the sanding time and dust  emission.
      Drying   equipmentInfrared     baked   lightsDrying     roomEnergy   saving reach 98%, increase the   work efficiency

      SRS system

      "SRS" system is designed according to the body shop’s actual problem, the project team developed the customized fast repair solution.

      - Choose the suitable material to reduce the material costs. 

      Customize the right process, equipment and tools. 

      Speed up the delivery of the vehicle, under the premise of quality assurance.


      "SRS" system integrate the fast repair products, suitable process, related equipment, and management method , in order to achieve higher efficiency on time and ocst.

      Digital workshop

      Professional software optimize the spraying processes to improve efficiency, reduce costs, the rational allocation of resources, with the further purpose of increasing the customers’ satisfaction and service level of 4S body shop.


      Vehicle category: small area repairs, medium and large area repair.

      Small repairs of vehicles enter the SRS lines, medium and large repair vehicles enter the flow working line.


      Software has a leading queuing algorithms to make the best use of the venue and staff.


      Microsoft Windows-based LAN system LAN guarantee the user name, password safe.


      The software automatically generate the barcode to ensure that the sheet through the spray process is operating normally


      Bodyshop workers scan the code and complete the registration system.

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