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    2. COLOR

      Color Tools

      Donglai provide complete and practical color tools, including sprayed color panel, Paint Shade Charts and Formula Notebook etc.

      In 2013, Donglai released Color Cloud online formula platform. The users can check the formulas by PC or Mobile phone. And they can also create your own formula in Color Cloud.Together with our standardized color coats and Reliable color tools, Color Matching is not difficult any more.

      Paint Shade Charts

      This chart provides information of color system and color diversity in face view and side view as well as on purity and chrome. Color adjustment charts with all mixing bases include a tinting guide which makes the work easier when you need to find nuances in tricky cases.

      Color Panel Board

      Color panel board is easy for checking the color difference, increasing the accuracy of the color matching works and saving time.

      Color Formula Notebook

      Record the color formulas during work for accumulating the daily color variant database and increasing the work efficiency.





      Mixing machine

      Color Cloud- online color formula platform


      This online platform makes it possible for the paint shop staffs to share and access the entire global mixing formula database. A clear structure and flexible search options make querying extremely easy.

      Search results are displayed neatly to ensure simple selection of the correct color or color variant. In addition, the formulas can be used for the accessory parts, bumpers, etc.

      The feature of Color Cloud:

      Users can upload the mixing formula anywhere and anytime with PC or Mobile.

      The mixing formulas can be commented and evaluated by all login users.

      Fair evaluation with the fact of practical application on formulas.

      Open and interactive platform and the key to reduce the color mixing challenges.


      Scan here to download the Color Cloud Andriod APP on your mobile


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