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    2. ABOUT US

      About Donglai

      Donglai Coating integrates the global capital, talents, and technology resources. We provides car refinish paint, fluorocarbon protective paint, interior & exterior parts paints, 3C advanced paints, which covers the whole coating solution.

      As top 3 and the only Chinese hold refinish paint brand within the top 10 mainstream car refinish suppliers, we target to become market leader and the only Chinese power in paint industry by innovative business model, technology research, value-added service and continuously creating unique value to our customers.

      Donglai have the following brands : onwings?, onwaves?, Fixs? registered and protected in over 80 countries globally.


      To be No. 1 in Chinese car refinishing sector and leading player in global market.


      Create the different experience of quality car refinishing world widely.

      Core Value:

      Applicability, Value Creation, Simple and Honest, Teamwork and Improvement.



      Geographical and industrial advantage 


      Jiading District covers a 464 square-kilometer area in the northwest part of Shanghai,30 km away from Shanghai downtown area.Jiading features itself with the distinguished automotive culture and industry. In Anting of Jiading, It owns the fisrt F1 racing circuit of China -  Shanghai F1 International Circuit, which represents the image of Shanghai even of China.

      Regardigng the pillar industry of Jiading, it undoubtedly will be the automobile and auto parts industry.Driven by the rapid growth of Chinese automobile market, Jiading has formed its unique advantage,in terms of  geography and industrial concentration.

      Nowadays Jiading  has gathered around  250 larger-scale automobile and auto components manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Volvo, Continental. In 2013, the total production value  of the automotive industry in Jading reached RMB 334.1 billion,  which increase by 10% rather than the previous year. Jiading ranks itself among  the six National Automobile City of China (Shanghai Jiading, Changchun,  Guangzhou Huadu, Wuhan, Chongqing, Guangxi Liuzhou).


      Quality Guarantee

      ISO14001 Certification

      18001- Certification

      IATF16949(Quality management system)

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